Fine Art Portrait

Fine Art Portrait

Learn about Fine Art Portrait Photography


If you have always been enchanted by the world of paintings and you want a timeless, solemn, painting-like portrait of yourself or your family, combined with an unforgettable photo session, book an appointment and experience the atmosphere of old times with me.


1. What is Fine Art?

I once read a short and striking definition of Fine Art photography: an idealized, painting-like work characterized by a strong emotional impact. I think I was able to agree with every single word of it. Essential elements of Fine Art include dramatic lighting, mostly a triangle, already known from the Baroque paintings and Rembrandt, or even more dramatic split lighting. The painting-likeness itself is shown in the more intense-than-average retouche, the strong dark-light contrasts, and the frequent use of dark tones.

Beyond all that, what makes Fine Art photos even more unique? You’ve probably noticed that people don’t smile in these photos. This is not because they are sad. Smiling in photographs dates back to the end of 19th century when photography became commercialized. But usually this smile is not sincere, as people do not smile continuously in their everyday lives. A captivating, deep look can show much better what we’re looking for in painting-like Fine Art photos: the real character that lives behind the eyes of the person.


2. Where does the photo session take place?

The location of the photo session is my studio in Érd, where all the props and technical equipments are available. I look forward to welcoming you through hand-painted Italian canvas backgrounds, custom-made, quality dresses and antique furniture.


3. How to prepare for Fine Art Portraits?

Sleep well before the day of the session and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. As part of the consultation, we’ll discuss in detail what hairstyle and clothes you’re going to wear so that you can get the best shape possible in your photos.

It is a good idea to meet a hairdresser before the sessoin. If you finally decide to make your hairstyle for yourself, be sure to wash your hair before the photo shoot. If you use nail polish, it should definitely be flawless, the color should be either natural or match the color of your dress. Bring a lip gloss with you for the session, the slightly glistening lips look good in the photos.


4. How are images transferred?

I will send the completed digital, high-quality retouched, high-resolution images to you through Google Photos within four weeks. You have three weeks to download the photos, after that they will be deleted.


5. What is the booking and payment process?

You can book by transferring the basic fee of HUF 10,000. In case of cancellation the amount of the basic fee will not be refunded. Changes are possible up to 72 hours before shooting. The price of the photos can be settled after the session when ordering the images on the spot, or after the photo shoot by bank transfer. Post-production will begin when the full price of each ordered image is settled.

How much does it cost?

Because every single photo is a unique work of art, crafted with high quality retouching, there are no packages as there is no need to pre-determine how many photos to create. You can order as many photos as you need.

The price consists of two elements:

Basic fee: HUF 10,000

What does it contain?

  • a personalized, exclusive 1-1.5 hour Fine Art experience that is a lasting memory for the family
  • full access to hand-painted, Italian canvas backgrounds and props
  • access to high-quality, custom-made, unique dresses, which are created by continuous cooperation with an international and two Hungarian dressmakers
  • prior consultation on makeup, hairstyle, clothing used during the session
  • guidance of an experienced photographer so that you can be comfortable and relaxed during the shooting


The basic fee does not include pictures, you can order them after the photo session!


Fine Art Photos: 8000.- HUF/ pc

  • you can order your pictures on the spot after the photo session
  • each photo is retouched in high quality
  • you can buy as many photos as you need
  • the time spent with post-production is 1-1.5 working hours, depending on the image
  • raw photos will not be delivered