Molnár Katalin Fine Art fotós

Katalina Molnár is a Hungarian Fine Art Portrait photographer living near Budapest. Her journey with photography began in 2019.

Traveling as her number one passion made her feel the desire to capture memories of far-away places in the form of photographs which are pleasing to the eye. It was by chance that she stumbled upon the first Fine Art portrait and at that moment she felt it was love at first sight.

History and love of old ages have belonged to one of her main interests ever since her childhood, so as a graduated historian she was amazed by the fact that Fine Art portraits made it possible to travel back in time and to relive moments from the past.

She meets her clients at her little home studio equipped with high quality costumes, props and antique furniture. She is specialized in Family and Children Fine Art Portraits.



  • International Kid Model Magazine – 2020/78 Cover
  • This! Magazine
  • Highlight Photo Magazine
  • INSPIRE – Digital or not Fine Art Photography Magazine
  • Gallery of Refined Art Magazine
  • Fotoluby HIT Magazyn

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